Mysteries of the Universe

1. What does go through a girl’s mind as she inspects a mate’s bottom, whilst waiting for the same treatment herself?

…and why don’t their skirts match? School uniform is the word.

2. Who could possibly have the heart to cane such a delicate, sensitive bottom?

Our smiley friend it seems…

Can you see Miss on the right appears to be calmly texting, despite the fiery tramlines across her buttocks? Her whole body language is relaxed and unconcerned. Tough types these gymnasts - you can see why Smiler has to take a firm line.

3. All that complex chemistry that transmits electrical signals from the surface of a girls buttocks up her back and into her cerebral cortex and out to her mouth - all in a split second.

Nice eyelash action too. And it only takes a few more hundreds of milliseconds for her conscious mind to process the information and fully appreciate just how much it hurt, and think about begging for mercy. Nature, just amazing.